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Coal gas is produced by the reaction of a mixture of steam and air, which is blown through red - hot fixed burning bed of the carbon in form of coal. The oxygen content in the air and steam react with the carbon in the fuel, generating the coal gas.

In oxidation layer or fire layer, the following reactions happen in range of 1200 C:

A. Reaction of steam and carbon is endothermic reaction:
C + H2O = CO + H2

B. Reaction of carbon monoxide and steam:
CO + H2O = CO2 + H2

C. Reaction of carbon and oxygen, incomplete combustion which is exothermic reaction
2C + O2 = 2CO

When the coal gas goes through the reducing zone, flammable gas content raises rapidly, carbon dioxide and steam content decrease.

In this reducing zone, quick reaction occur when the temperature is below 1200 C
CO2 + C = 2 CO
H2O + C = H2 + CO

In the carbonation and drying layers, the coal that is added in the Gasifier is dried, preheated and carbonized generating the volatile matter in the coal which merges with the coal gas.

The final coal gas is at very high temperature of > 400 C and the tar is in vapour form.
Single Stage Hot Gas Station
1. GAS GCV >1200 Kcal / Nm3
2. PRESSURE ~ 0.4 Kpa or 40 �E50 mmwc
3. TEMPRATURE > 450 � C
a. TAR in vapour form
b. DUST > 1.2 g / Nm3
c. MOISTURE in vapour form
Model SSH 2.6 SSH 3.0 SSH 3.2 SSH 3.4 SSH 3.6
COAL GAS OUTPUT *1(Nm3/hr) 3000 – 4200 4100 – 5500 4500 – 6000 5000 – 6500 6000 – 7500
HEAT OUTPUT (M cal/hr) 3.6 – 5.0 5.0 – 6.6 5.4 – 7.2 6.0 – 7.8 7.2 – 9.0
ENERGY OUTPUT (Kw/h) 4180 – 5800 5800 – 7665 6270 – 8350 6960 – 9050 8360 – 10450
*1 B GRADE COAL (>5200 Kcal/Kg)
HIGH TEMPRATURE GASIFICATION: Design allows the Gasifier to be operated at temperatures of 1000 to 1200 C in the coal fire zone to give output of gas at very high temperatures of 400 to 500 C.

POKING HOLES: The Gasifier coal and ash bed levels, temperature and physical conditions can only be judged by looking inside the Gasifier.

PLC BASED PROCESS CONTROL: The Gasifier is designed with the concept that all inputs could be controlled by the operator or the PLC to make its operations optimum and efficient. The whole of Gasifier is controlled with plc based operation with complete automation.

SOFTENING WATER SYSTEM: The water for evaporation in the Gasifier jacket is softened by a water softening system so that there is no scaling. This improves the thermal efficiency of steam formation process and increases the life of the Gasifier.

CONTINOUS OPERATION: The steel rolling mills need to operate on a 24 hour round the clock operation schedule. So the Gasifier has been technologically designed for continuous operation and minimum shut down for maintenance.

STRUCTURAL DESIGN: The Gasifier body is supported on four support columns separately grouted to the ground. This reduced the load height ratio of the structure and provides stability.

COMPLETE SOLUTION: We provide the Gasifier as a complete solution to heat steel in the reheating furnace which incorporates into the design the variables like furnace geometry, furnace volume analysis, flue gases volume analysis, pipeline design and special gas based burners for gas based heating in furnaces.


1. Steel Reheating Furnaces up to 40 tph
2. Hot Air Generators
3. Steel Forging furnaces
4. Aluminium scrap melting furnaces
5. Refractory Tunnel kilns
6. Lime kilns

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