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Who We Are

We are Dev Energy, a market-leading global supply chain manager of carbon, energy and mineral products. Our objective is to build long-term value for our clients. Our investments focus on key stages of the supply chain to create and extract additional value, manage risk and secure long-term flows of products and information.

The core business of Dev Energy is providing alternative energy solutions by Coal Gasification, the energy business has been covered the entire country with as of today having more than 150 running projects.

Dev Energy was established in 1976. Based on basic industry-energy and new energy, Dev Energy takes �Carbon, Coke, Solid Fuels�Eas the product chain engaged in trade, processing, r&d, storage and distribution. Being the first to modularize process, persisting the multi-direction and initiative-leading rule, Dev is the leading enterprise in the Indian energy service market, providing customers with a set of cost-saving solutions based on product selection, type of burning, boiler technology, energy saving, furnace technology and pollutant reduction, as well as storage and logistics.

Dev Energy transacts commodities on a global scale. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound, experienced and growing. Dev Energy has access to all traded carbon and mineral commodities markets from our main business hubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Zibo, Singapore and New Delhi. We originate the physical transactions that support our customers�Ebusinesses and help maintain the global balance between areas of excess and areas of need.

In a marketplace where we see commodities growing ever-more interrelated, Dev Energy trading is global, multi-commodity and asset-backed. We source, we ship, we store, we blend and we transact. As a significant market participant in the futures and commodity benchmark markets, we offer the pricing structures and service excellence that create value for our customers throughout the supply chain�E

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