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S´┐Żderberg electrode paste - Carbon Electrode Paste

Carbon Electrode PasteCarbon Electrode Paste is a self-baking electrode used in submerged Arc furnaces for delivering power to the charge mix. Electrode paste is added to the top of Electrode column in either cylindrical or briquette form. As the paste moves down the column the temperature increases which causes the paste to melt and subsequently form baked block of Electically conductive carbon. Electrode paste is essentially a mix of Electrically Calcined Anthracite (ECA) or Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) with Coal Tar Pitch.

Application: Ferro Alloy

Green Paste
Property Unit ECA Based
As per customers
CPC Based
As per customers
Plasticity % requirement, typical range
typical range 30-50
Fixed Carbon % 83 Min 87 Min
Volatile Matter % 11-12 12-13
Ash % 5.0 Max 0.5 Max
Aparent Density gm/cc 1.65 Min 1.68 Min

Baked Paste
Property Unit ECA Based CPC Based
Fixed Carbon % 94 Min 99 Min
Porosity % 25 Max 35 Max
Aparent Density gm/cc 1.45 Min 1.40 Min
Cold Crushing Strength kg/cm2 250 Min 200 Min
Electrical Resistivity Ohm.mm2/meter 55 to 65 85 to 95

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