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Business Process

We are focused on developing and growing our diversified portfolio of products to continue to meet the changing needs of our customers. We have a world-class portfolio of growth options that will ensure we are able to plan for the short and long term and continue to create value for our clients. Our strategy is founded on diversification ´┐ŻEby commodity, geography and market. We are committed to developing the skills and capability of our people and believe this, is what differentiates us from our competitors.

We win by delivering valued, quality products, services and solutions to our customers that provide the lowest total owning and operating lifecycle costs. This value proposition, enabled by our unmatched customer support, creates the largest global field population, highest customer loyalty and attractive profitability through the business cycle.

To play a pivotal and lasting role in the physical commodities business requires a long-term perspective. We build long-term relationships with producers and end-users, streamline and simplify logistics and acquire and develop storage and processing facilities.

Long-term prosperity is built on firm foundations. We maintain stable relationships by creating lasting, shared value. We deliver sustainable growth by acting as reliable partners for our clients.

We consistently review our activities to establish what can be done better.

Our unique business model allows us to benefit from diversification across soft and hard commodities, a worldwide footprint and integration all the way from first exploration, productionand processing to marketing and distribution to our end customers. This sets us apart from ourindustry peers and, supported by an entrepreneurial culture and value-seeking mindset, allows us to create value over the short, medium and longer term and maximise opportunities throughout the cycle.

Over the years our activities have enabled us to develop remarkable insights into the commodity sectors that are becoming increasingly interrelated. Equally, our strong physical presence throughout the value chain helps provide knowledge and identify the path for our continued growth.

Partnerships with participants in the carbon markets, global and local have played a key role in our business to date and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we move forward.

The ever-growing correlation between energy products, commodities and financial services represents opportunity for us. Our origination team coordinates all the physical and financial elements that enable the realization of large scale transactions anywhere along the supply chain.Working with our trading desks, the team operates across all commodities and all the potential markets and helps partners to meet their business objectives by providing access to adequate financial resources.

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